Monday, June 20, 2011

"The Happiest Man in the World": An Excerpt

By Dr. James W. Jackson, Founder of Project C.U.R.E. 

“At that moment I was slammed by a wave of unexpected compassion. I had crossed over a line. No longer was I a foreign economic visitor observing at an arm’s length distance. All the hurt and tragedy of what I had previously seen at the free clinics in the favelas with Lorena came crashing in. I saw not only the hurting people in front of me and heard the crying of the babies there inside Dr. Neves’s sparse clinic, but I felt the hopelessness of the millions of people in Brazil who were ragged squatters; the people who lived in the squalor and poverty of shanties with open sewers and impure drinking water; who faced the daunting and discouraging task of eking out their survival on the streets of the Brazilian cities. I hadn’t experienced the scorching flames of passion and empathy like that before. Nothing in the ego-centered churches of entertainment and comfort where I had spent my life had ever ignited the compassion I was feeling standing in that ramshackle house of a clinic in Brazil.”  ~ An excerpt from "The Happiest Man in the World: Life Lessons from a Cultural Economist." 

Dr. James W. Jackson often describes himself as "The Happiest Man in the World." A successful businessman, award-winning author and humanitarian, Jackson is also a renowned Cultural Economist and international consultant, helping organizations and governments to apply sound economic principals to the transformation of culture so that everyone is "better off."

As the founder of Project C.U.R.E., Dr. Jackson traveled to more than one hundred fifty countries assessing healthcare facilities, meeting with government leaders and "delivering health and hope" in the form of medical supplies and equipment to the world's most needy people. Literally thousands of people are alive today as a direct result of the tireless efforts of Project C.U.R.E.'s staff, volunteers and Dr. Jackson.

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images: Drs. James W. and AnnaMarie Jackson

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